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Why an Invested Construction Team Adds Value to a Developer’s Investment

News | 26.04.21 |

There is one thing every client wants above everything: to know that their project is in good hands.

But, all too often, the person who sells them the big promises of exceptional quality, efficient project management and effective collaboration is not involved in delivering the project at all.

At Edgeley Construction, we do things differently. While we don’t assign a member of the leadership team to manage every project, we do embed director-level involvement in our processes, ensuring you can always be confident that the experience of our directors is built into every project.

Why Director Involvement Matters

Edgeley Construction remains a family business, which delivers two key advantages for our clients on every project we undertake.

Firstly, because we’ve built the company and we’re responsible for generating ongoing opportunities for our team, we are completely invested in building our reputation with long-standing client relationships and uncompromising quality.

Delivering your project is much more than a job to us; it is a way of life. Our company is the legacy of generations of experience – a legacy that we want to nurture and build upon for generations to come. As a result, our directors are committed to hands-on accountability, while delegating effectively to our growing team of professionals on site.

Secondly, a family business is much more than a company; it’s a culture and a training ground. Our Managing Director, James Brett, is just 30 years old, but, because he’s been around building sites since he was a young boy, he has more construction experience than many of his older peers. And he puts that experience to good use in a way that only people who have lived and breathed construction their whole life can. James not only understands the fundamentals of all construction trades and recognises when something is right or not right, his expertise is also in knowing how it all fits together. Ours is a creative, collaborative industry where quality outcomes rely on problem solving, knowledge and experience. With our young MD, we are able to bring all of that to the project at the highest level, while also benefitting from a director who is a forward-focused digital native.

Adding Value without Micromanaging

While our clients appreciate director level involvement in their projects, it’s important to recognise that our team is much more than the directors. Part of the role of the leadership team is to make the company scalable and our service consistent.

Each project had a dedicated project manager and site manager responsible for the smooth running of the programme, and they are able to tap into the expertise of our directors to resolve any challenges that might be involved. We have implemented a strategy of employing professionals who have worked on site and risen through the ranks, because we know from the directors’ experience that this builds the most fully-rounded, pragmatic and capable project managers. Our aim is to provide our project managers with enough autonomy to get the job done and enough support to grow and develop. And, at every stage, the directors can step in as needed, but only when this adds value.

Meanwhile, our investment in digital systems means that our clients can expect consistent processes and clear communication at every touchpoint, on every project. Our aim is to be as transparent, accountable and proactive as possible, with systems that support information sharing and quality management, allowing all delivery partners to review documentation in real time.

Looking to the Future

Construction is constantly changing and, alongside new technologies and materials, we are seeing a new respect for older traditions and practices. Multidisciplinary knowledge and a personal service are two of those construction sector traditions that have remained consistent for us at Edgeley Construction.

As our young and progressive Managing Director continues to develop our services, resources and skills, he is also carrying forward a legacy of a family business that has been built on a passion for what we do and a commitment to serving the client’s best interests. That passion and commitment are bankable commodities.