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What do architects look for in a construction company when delivering bespoke homes for private clients?

News | 23.06.22 |

Recently, alongside our work for developers on larger residential, commercial and mixed use projects, we have broadened our portfolio to include bespoke homes for private individuals. The skills we use to build and manage the project are the same, but the support and communication required by the architect who trusts us to deliver for their client are very specific to the sector.

What we’re doing is leveraging our experience in the property development sector to add value for architects and provide them with a safe pair of hands to deliver their vision for their client.


By working collaboratively with the architect while the design and specification for a bespoke home project is still being finalised, we can add value by considering the design from a buildability perspective. Often there are opportunities to simplify details or suggest alternative materials, which may reduce both cost and risk.

As a construction company with specialist experience and an in-house team across a wide range of disciplines, we can advise on buildability enhancements to the design with substantial knowledge. For example, our track record in basement excavation and waterproofing means that we have been trained in the use of basement waterproofing systems by the manufacturer and benefit from their technical support.

Our approach is to offer options, which the architect can consider and propose to their client. We then work flexibly to adapt the design for buildability or ensure it is delivered effectively as originally proposed.

Risk Management

Experience tells us that unidentified risk can result in project delays, escalating costs, planning or building control issues, and disputes. That’s why it is so important to undertake a thorough pre-construction process with a construction company that has a robust framework for all aspects of this phase.

By working with Edgeley Construction, architects can help their clients avoid the costs and complexity of employing multiple consultants, while remaining confident that we will support them and protect their client relationships. Our services include dispensing planning conditions, ensuring the proposed utilities connections are viable, putting party wall agreements in place, making all the necessary access and logistics arrangements, and much more.

Cost Control

Cost volatility is an industry-wide obstacle, but our experience of managing larger, £multi-million projects means we have the processes in place to manage costs effectively.

We offer the best value for the required project outcome, building quality assurance and contingency into the budget, so any value engineering is about improving the finished build; not about cutting corners when money gets tight.


At Edgeley Construction, we are clear about what we deliver and move heaven and earth to make sure it happens. That may seem like a basic principle for a construction company, but the value of reliability is not to be underestimated.

Our in-house team of skilled tradespeople supports our focus on reliability, because it means that we are not dependent on subcontractors and can take an agile approach to getting the job done.

Our digital systems are also a key factor in our ability to offer a reliable service, with real-time management information available to our team and the architect, and consistency of reporting across the team.

Quality without compromise

Edgeley Construction is a family business that has nurtured a company culture of taking pride in everything we do. It’s a culture that is evident across the team and one that translates well to the bespoke homes sector because everyone involved wants the finished property to be of a standard they’d expect for their own loved ones.