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How digitalisation is improving transparency and efficiency at Edgeley

News | 11.07.22 |

Here at Edgeley, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality projects on time and within budget, integrating great client communication along the way.

Keeping developers and project managers up to speed on the latest developments on site is key to building trust and we’re committed to providing total transparency in everything we do. So, to make life easier for everyone, we’re investing in digitalising our processes to give clients access to real-time progress updates and project spend.

Connecting the physical work on site with the project management process, our digital platform allows our teams to log progress, record quality assurance checks and upload images, which can be accessed in real-time using a phone, tablet or laptop.

Transforming the way we work, our new digital processes improve efficiency by enabling clients to stay on top of how a project is progressing without having to be physically present, which means fewer site visits and less time spent travelling. This is particularly beneficial for clients who are based overseas or located slightly further away from a development.

Digitalisation of processes also improves accuracy, ensuring the team on site always has access to the correct drawings, which means less room for error and eliminates the risk of paper drawings being damaged in bad weather.

Streamlining communication through our digital platform also encourages collaboration across the whole delivery team as all the latest project information is easily accessible to everyone.

Another benefit of our new digital platform is automated reporting and full visibility of cost management for clients. Information can be accessed by all parties as required from project managers and architects to banks and investors.

One recent client of ours who has experienced the benefits of our new digital platform first-hand said: “Edgeley’s digital platform has been superb during the development of our project. Real-time reporting means we’re spending significantly less time on site visits, which we now schedule once a month, instead of twice a month. It’s a very productive way of working.

“It allows us to access all the latest project information so whether we need to check drawings or find an update on Progress, it’s accessible at all times. It’s great to see an independent construction company of this size being so forward thinking.”

We’re planning to roll-out usage of our digital platform to all clients over the next 12 months as we continue to enhance the Edgeley experience.

As well as improving transparency and enhancing efficiency, digitalisation is kinder to the environment. Reducing the amount of physical paperwork at Edgeley forms part of our sustainability strategy so here’s to a greener way of working as well.